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High quality worksheets for every math skill for Grades 1 through 5. Skills listed have been carefully selected after detailed analysis of the most popular math text books used in the United States. Skills are listed in sequence as taught weekly during the school year. Click any skill to access high quality worksheets on just that skill. Teachers can use alongside current curriculum for excellent homework support activities. Teaches all major math skills for Grade 1. Mr. Ed includes a built in high quality tutor that teaches through wrong answers without teacher assistance! Includes a main practice version and a special AutoMode which picks the best starting point for students. The AutoMode version includes a database for recording student results and monitoring progress. Students learn multiplication facts fast! Uses special memorization tricks to dramatically accelerate the process. Also includes a database for recording student results and monitoring progress. Give us 30-60 days and the majority of your students will have this essential skill completed, thereby allowing for rapid progress in division, fractions, and all advanced math skills. Powerful math skill test will quickly identify skills mastered and skills that are difficult your students. Covers all math skills taught in Grades 1 through 3. Uses drag and drop and multiple choice to identify mastered and difficult skills. After test completion, view student results in your database in a row and column format. You can then click a special button that will automatically combine math worksheets for only skills not passed. How's that for efficiency!
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