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Absolutely the fastest way to teach any student how to read! Please read our testimonials to see how we work magic with older students reading several years below grade level.

Our new KeyAcademics website now contains all materials for both ReadingKEY and MathKEY under one roof. ReadingKEY is a powerful phonics based reading program for teaching the 4000+ essential reading vocabulary words for Grades 1 through 6. Words are taught in order from most-common to least-common using small lists of 5-7 words per list. Word lists are organized along common vowel sound categories which further improves ease of learning for students. When students complete the 5 steps in a list (and can read the words in 3 seconds or less), they move to the next list. The five steps for learning the words are shown at the top of every word list and allows anyone to become an expert reading teacher in minutes.
Our new Grade 1 ReadingKEY Lightning program is similar to ReadingKEY, but there are no materials to PRINT. Everything can now be done on the computer. Lightning includes a built-in electronic bar graph and digital stopwatch for recording student time on saying the list words. It also displays two pages from a special ongoing storybook that uses only words from the reading list just completed (and previous lists). STEP 7 gives a 10 question exercise with built-in audio that tests students on word meaning using colorful pictures and riddles. Results are recorded to the Lightning database to keep track of student progress for easy teacher monitoring. The best way to see all of these wonderful materials is to sign up for the FREE TRIAL below. Once you try it - we're sure you'll want to stay! We also have high quality math support worksheet activities covering every math skill taught in national math textbooks for Grades 1 through 5. Our Math Fact Genius program will enable students to memorize the 100 multiplicaton facts faster than anything you've seen before! As you can see - we've got you covered for all areas of reading and math and will do an amazing job for any students reading one or more years below grade level. Click the FREE TRIAL button below and take a look around.
Access all our Reading Materials including:
1. ReadingKEY Vocabulary Program
Access the complete ReadingKEY Program for teaching essential Grade Level vocabulary for Grades 1 through 6. Includes the Classroom Lists - Student Lists - Vocabulary Building Worksheets for each lesson - and much more.
2. ReadingKEY Lightning Grade 1 (incl. database)
Our new powerful online version of ReadingKEY. Follows the step by step format to insure rapid mastery of list words for students. Includes a built-in bar graph and stopwatch for recording time for saying list words. The ongoing story uses only words from the previously learned list and a vocabulary question/answer section for insuring mastery of list words.
3. Pre-Reading Skills Test (incl. database)
Students must know certain skills before learning to read. Without these skills learning progresses much slower. This includes letter names - consonant sounds - and dozens of other skills. Our Pre-K/Kindergarten pre-reading test will identify which skills students know and do not know and display these in the database.
4. Mr. Ed Phonics Tutor
Put any non-reader on Mr. Ed Phonics Tutor and watch them learn to read without any teacher assistance. You heard that correctly. Excellent for non-English speaking students as well. Students select the beginning - middle and final sound for each CVC word (dog - cat - pig - hen - etc). Mr. Ed and his cartoon friends correct any mistake in a fun and memorable way.

$89.95 yearly membership or $9.95 monthly

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Access all our Math Materials including:
1. Math Curriculum Skill Worksheets Grades 1-5
View all math skills in the weekly sequence they are taught in major U.S. textbooks. Click the skill to print a high quality practice worksheets for that skill. Excellent as a complete math curriculum or as an excellent support program to achieve practice on difficult skills.
2. Detailed Math Skills Test Grades 1-3 (incl. database)
Immenesly powerful online math test for quickly identifying skills mastered and skills not mastered. Pick a grade level and nine week period to begin. The program then tests students one skill at a time with multiple choice - fill in the blank - and drag and drop. Audio is included to talk students through the test. Teachers can view results in a database and click a special button which combines practice worksheets for just the skills not mastered on the test - How's that for efficiency!
3. Math Fact Genius Multiplication Facts (incl. database)
Students cannot learn division or advanced math skills without first having 100% mastery of the 100 multiplication facts. Math Fact Genius does this better than anyone! Students begin with a pretest that continues until 5 facts are answered incorrectly. Students then pick two or three of these facts to practice using a 5 step sequence of powerful memorization strategies and reward videos.
4. Mr. Ed Math Tutor - Grade 1 (incl. database)
No Teacher Needed! Powerful online math program for Grade 1 that teaches the main computational math skills. Mr. Ed and other cartoon characters take the place of a tutor and give detailed feedback and correct and incorrect answers. Students cannot progress until problems are done correctly.

$89.95 yearly membership or $9.95 monthly

Get both ReadingKEY & MathKEY for 50% discount
on second program via our Total Access option.
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