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KeyAcademics is our new website for hosting content for all MathKEY and ReadingKEY materials. If you are not a member already, sign up for a free 30 day trial from the link below to try these powerful academic support materials. Schools who are currently Site License members to ReadingKEY can use the Total Access link at right. The KeyAcademics Total Access option allows users to access all MathKEY programs plus all our high qualilty ReadingKEY Support programs from one page!

Access all our Math Materials including:

1. Math Curriculum Skill Worksheets Grades K-5
2. Detailed Math Skills Test Grades 1-3 (database)
3. Math Fact Genius Multiplication Facts (database)
4. Mr. Ed Math Skills Tutor Grade 1 (database)

Access all Reading & Math Materials including:

1. ReadingKEY Vocabulary Program (Grades 1-6)
2. ReadingKEY Lightning Grade 1 (database)
3. Pre-Reading Detailed Skills Test (database)
4. MathFactGenius
Multiplication Facts Mastery (database)
5. Detailed Math Skills Test Grades 1-3 (database)
6. Mr. Ed Math Skills Tutor Grade 1 (database)
7. Handwriting Worksheet Maker